• Chiropractic Cooperative

    Membership in Intermountain Cooperative “ChiroIC” provides all the advantages of a corporate practice with few of the headaches. More importantly, our member’s maintain complete independnce and have more, not less freedom through the cooperative structure.


Nitto “NITREAT” Kinesiology Tape with Stratagel™ EX Technology.

Created by the original Japanese Tape company, Nitto Denko Corporation, NITREAT Stratagel™ EX is a new and revolutionary clinical grade material that has greater flexibility, breathability and strength than any other tape on the market today.

Membership in ChiroIC

When you become a Member of ChiroIC you get access to 


    ChiroIC works with manufactures, distributors and suppliers to obtain exclusive favorable pricing  for our members. Our special pricing is almost always better than what you have now, but if it is not, you can keep the pricing you have now.

  • COCSA (Chiro Congress)

    ChiroIC, in cooperation with COCSA (Chiro Congress), can help provide you with real time industry information. Links to current events and news that effect your business decisions. 


    ChiroIC can help grow your business. With weekly Marketing tips, Social Media ad’s, web design, video creation, branding and content creation. ChiroIC is here as a resource to help build your business marketing strategy and grow your company. 


    ChiroIC offers special coaching through our network of trained professionals that assist practices and clinics to improve the way they deliver care. Our training is built around a High Performing Care model.


    ChiroIC works closely with State Associations members of COCSA to increase non-dues revenue to strengthen political action and public outreach programs. 


    ChiroIC offers special training and informational videos on CE events, tips on practice managment along with educational videos that help support your practice.


ChiroIC has many products to fit your needs 


Meet our well-known Doctors and Chiropractic experts

Dr. Brandon Trujillo


Dr. Trujillo studied Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Utah, and was awarded the Edward & Margaret Eisenman Memorial Scholarship by the College of Health at the University of Utah (2003-2004).

Dr. Joe Betz


Dr. Joe Betz earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995 and attended Life University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2001. He has been in private practice in Boise Idaho since 2002.

Ed Le Cara

Board Certified in Rehabilitation
Board Certified in Sports Medicine

Dr. Le Cara, a former Army Combat Medic, has worked as a strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer, and chiropractor for over 20 years.  He holds a PhD in Athletic Training with original published research on the structure and function of the lumbar multifidus muscles..  In addition, he holds an MBA in Transglobal Education from St. Mary’s College of California.

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