Our Mission

Our mission to empower and preserve a platform for independent Chiropractors to organize and unite as a large group.

Collectively, Chiroic members can accomplish what individual Chiropractors cannot. Through the Cooperative, members maintain their independence as practitioners and private business owners while having access to benefits that large corporate practices enjoy.

The following are strategic objectives that contribute to fulfilling our mission:

Reducing Practice Cost

  • Employ bargaining power to save thousands of dollars in overhead expenses through key supply and manufacturer relationships and purchasing contracts with vendors.
  • Participate in the Cooperative’s Profit Sharing and Equity Programs available to all members.
  • Special coaching through our network of trained professionals that assist practices and clinics to improve the way they deliver care. Our training is built around a High Performing Care model.Creating and Controlling Patient Flow
  • Help you grow your business. With weekly Marketing tips, Social Media Ad’s, web design, video creation, branding and content creation.