Dr. Brandon Trujillo


Dr. Trujillo studied Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Utah, and was awarded the Edward & Margaret Eisenman Memorial Scholarship by the College of Health at the University of Utah (2003-2004). His Doctorate of Chiropractic was completed at Parker College of Chiropractic. Brandon is a Distinguished Fellow of Chiropractic Biophysics® (CBP) and has reached an Advanced Certification in CBP® and previously served as a Technique Instructor. Dr. Trujillo has also worked as a Master Instructor for RockTape and has created manuals as well as Instructional DVD’s for Spider-Tech Kinesiology Tape. Dr. Trujillo’s knowledge of Kinesiology Tape use and application is much deeper than brand specific applications. Dr. Trujillo is currently the international education consultant for Nitto Corporation. Nitto is a multinational Corporation that was the original creator of Kinesiology Tape in 1985. Nitto is one of the world’s leading chemical and textile manufacturers dedicated to improving daily life and preserving the environment.

Dr. Trujillo is acting Senior Vice President of B*Strong4Life Asia Pacific Division. He is establishing the B*Strong4Life Franchise in Japan to create new opportunities for new graduates or established Chiropractors to become part of the B*Strong4Life Franchise. Which includes such benefits as: Brand Recognition, Practice Coaching, and Continuing Education for Osteoporosis Treatment, Functional Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic Technique.

Dr. Brandon previously served as Medical Director at Stroops, a leading fitness equipment maker, developing new specialized training techniques to help clients and athletes recover more rapidly and achieve higher performance levels. He has been instrumental in developing unique, specialized pieces of equipment for various applications. Dr. Trujillo shares his knowledge and expertise via speaking engagements throughout the world.

Brandon is also the Founder of Chiropractic Revolutions in Layton, Utah. Chiropractic Revolutions is a comprehensive physical rehabilitation clinic offering Chiropractic, Functional Rehabilitation, Personal Training, Sports Performance and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

Dr. Trujillo has worked extensively as a consultant with personal defense and weapons experts on topics such as Biomechanics, Human Performance, and Movement. In doing so he has also had the privilege of being educated by the top resources in the defensive firearms industry on intuitive and efficient shooting skill development.

During his time as a Master Instructor for RockTape, Dr. Trujillo co-developed Defensive Movement Taping (DMT) with Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company, Omari Broussard of 10X Defense, and Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense. DMT was developed to increase effectiveness and efficiency of defensive firearms training. Dr. Trujillo taught kinesiology tape application to defensive fire arms experts across the United States, and was a member of the 10X Defense Advisory Board.

During his career Dr. Trujillo has developed many relationships in the Sports and Fitness industry in Japan. He has developed product applications from Baseball Performance Programs, to everyday fitness application through product design and development with Stroops, and Senoh Corporation. He has enjoyed doing business in Japan for more than 15 years, and is fluent in conversational Japanese.

From 2007-2010 Dr. Trujillo was Team Chiropractor (07-08) and Executive Physician (09-10) for the Ogden Knights Professional Indoor Football Team.

In 2012, Dr. Trujillo had the honor of receiving the Patriot Award from the United States Department of Defense for “Contributing to National Security, and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by Supporting Employee Participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.”

Dr. Joe Betz

Clinical Director

Dr. Joe Betz earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995 and attended Life University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2001. He has been in provate practice in Boise Idaho since 2002. Dr. Betz is a member of the board of directors for the International Chiropractors Association, Chiropractic Biophysics Non-Profit, the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Tenants and Science and Past President of the Idaho Association of Chiropractic Physicians (IACP).

Quote on how this will help state associations:

State associations rely on revenue to be able to take on insurance carriers and promote chiropractic legislatively. There are two avenues by which state associations can earn revenue… member dues and non-dues sources. The IACP is excited to better serve our doctors through a new affinity relationship with Nitto, Inc and their new cutting-edge kinesiology tape. We are excited to forger ahead in this relationship with Nitto. Dr. Trujillo has been a pleasure to work with and the Nitto executives have been truly engaging and interested in the success of the program from the top down.
Yours In Ideal Health,

Joe Betz, DC

Clinic Director and Owner: Modern Chiropractic Center – mc2


8505 W. Overland Rd.

Boise, ID 83709

Office (208) 629-1904

Ed Le Cara, DC, PhD, MBA, ATC, CSCS

Board Certified in Rehabilitation

Board Certified in Sports Medicine

Dr. Le Cara, a former Army Combat Medic, has worked as a strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer, and chiropractor for over 20 years.  He holds a PhD in Athletic Training with original published research on the structure and function of the lumbar multifidus muscles..  In addition, he holds an MBA in Transglobal Education from St. Mary’s College of California.

Ed successfully owned and operated SportsPlus: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Pleasanton, CA from 2000 until June 2014. He had hospital privileges at the Veteran’s Administration in Martinez, CA where he worked in the multidisciplinary Center for Integrated Brain Health and Wellness. Notably he was the VP of Sports Science and Human Performance at 24Hr Fitness Corporate office until 2013.  In 2014 he relocated to Dallas, TX to open KinetikChain.  KinetikChain is a sports medicine and athlete recovery center where he helps active individuals overcome pain and return to activities they love.  Ed was the previous Director of Education for RockTape and helped develop numerous educational and physical products.

In July 2016 Ed relocated to Denver and opened KinetikChain Denver with locations in Cherry Creek and Lower Downtown (LoDo).  Currently he is the Director of Education for Smart Tools IASTM, is a Master Instructor for TRX Training and consults for numerous health and fitness companies.

When not treating patients, he speaks internationally a few times per month on movement assessment, corrective exercise, integrated treatment, kinesiology taping, and business concepts. For fun he Crossfits, hikes, skis, and drinks IPA’s.

Chiroic is a win – win – win solution for health care providers, businesses and the chiropractic profession. The health care providers win by having access to a myriad of products and services at low member only pricing.  Business wins by creating exposure of the products and services they offer to thousands of providers at minimal marketing cost. The chiropractic profession wins by state associations getting a percentage of sales purchased through Chiroic.  There is no reason a practicing health care provider wouldn’t look at Chiroic first before purchasing elsewhere.