With the new Stratagel™ Ex Technology Nitto has once again proved they are the true leader in the Kinesiology Tape market. The New Stratagel™ Ex Technology gives NiTreat Tape the durability to last through extreme athletic competition, yet be gentle enough for use in the clinical setting. Since the unveiling of the new Stratagel™ Ex Adhesive the competition has responded with new lines of tape with adhesives trying to compete with the Ex technology. If their tape adhesive was known to be too weak, they went to levels of adhesive that are completely inappropriate for clinical use. If their adhesive was know to be too strong for clinical use, they switched to an adhesive that lacks the ability to perform under dynamic activities.


NiTreat Tape with Stratagel™ Ex is able to out perform the competition in adhesion and gentleness,  because the Stratagel™ Ex is able to use more surface area than standard acrylic adhesives used by the competition (see pictures). With more surfacearea comes greater adhesive strength without the over the top “stickiness”. If you have used kinesiology tape in the past, you know that some brands can feel more like a spa wax when removed and can make you question if using it was worth the pain of removal.